754: Eugene Shatsman: The 5 Pillars Of Growth In A Recession

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My guest in this episode is Eugene Shatsman. Eugene is the Managing Partner of National Strategic Group.

Eugene teaches business strategy, consumer behavior, marketing, and what all of us want – how to drive more business into our businesses. His team at National Strategic has over 100 people, and they do a tremendous amount of research on what works and what doesn’t in today’s complex world of digital and traditional marketing.

They use the services they provide to do research and aggregate the research to help groups like ours learn.  National Strategic’s expertise includes Website, Search engine Optimization, Digital Traffic, Reputation Management, Patient Reactivation, Email, Text Marketing, Market Research – and lots more.

Eugene’s team works with 100’s of clients in high growth and growth focused businesses – and they are always looking to apply a scientific method and strategic approach to everything that they do.

They are also very innovative: for example, they were the first group to understand the importance of Google reviews and develop systems for the vision industry to ethically gather reviews on Google. They were the first to demystify SEO and break it down to straightforward action items for regular business owners.

And this innovation extends to recessionary markets.  National Strategic was started in late 2008 specifically with the purpose of helping companies deal with challenging economic times.

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