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Mike Dillard

246: Mike Dillard: How To Build Your Business, Build Your Wealth & Live Your Dream

By Cashflow Ninja / January 1, 2018 /

My guest in this episode is Mike Dillard. Mike is an entrepreneur in Austin Texas. He built his first million-dollar business by the age of 27, teaching small business owners how to effectively market their products and services online using “attraction-marketing” strategies. In 2010 he founded a financial education company in order to teach others…

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235: Jim Sheils: Helping Busy Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Succeed At Home

By Cashflow Ninja / December 6, 2017 /

My guest in this episode is Jim Sheils. Jim has been on the show before sharing the amazing things that his real state investment company, JAX Investments are doing. Jim is a serial entrepreneur and is involved with many projects, but there is one project that is his passion and his focus, he is on…

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Brad Hart

230: Brad Hart: How To Be More, Do More & Give More

By Cashflow Ninja / November 24, 2017 /

My guest in this episode is Brad Hart. As an experienced entrepreneur, investor, trader, advisor, and mentor to people who want more from their life, Brad has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs and investors, built a hedge fund that returned 106% net of expenses in 2013, has been featured multiple times in Forbes (as well as…

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228: Mike Zeller: How To Harness The Power of Masterminds

By Cashflow Ninja / November 20, 2017 /

My guest in this episode is Mike Zeller. As a highly successful entrepreneur, Mike Zeller lives by one powerful principle — Don’t go it alone. He has helped launch and develop nine businesses in five different industries over the past ten years, bringing in over $100 million in combined revenue. His secret weapon? Mastermind groups.…

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Colleen Arneil

217: Colleen Arneil: How To Turn Your Passion into Passive Profit

By Cashflow Ninja / October 25, 2017 /

My guest in this episode is Colleen Arneil. Colleen has her PhD in Psychology and spent years teaching at the university level. She is obsessed with helping entrepreneurs create and launch profitable online courses using simple, systematic methods rooted in human psychology (no douche factor needed). Her research and work have been featured in Harvard…

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Doug McCormick

215: Doug McCormick: How To Use Business Principles To Maximize Your Family’s Wealth

By Cashflow Ninja / October 20, 2017 /

My guest in this episode is Doug McCormick. Doug has a lifetime of experiences that provide the foundation for the framework, principles and tools in Family Inc. As a professional investor, he has spent two decades creating value for institutional investors by partnering with families and entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses to create…

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Gerald Celente

202: Gerald Celente: Tracking The Top Trends Of 2017

By Cashflow Ninja / September 20, 2017 /

Joining me in this episode is director of the Trends Research Institute based out of Kingston, NY, and editor and publisher of the Trends Journal is Gerald Celente. Gerald who developed the Globalnomic® methodology to identify, track, forecast and manage trends, is a political atheist. Unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom, Celente, whose…

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Russell Brunson

200: Russell Brunson: 3 Things You Need To Start A Mass Movement

By Cashflow Ninja / September 15, 2017 /

My guest in this episode is Russell Brunson. Russell started his first online company while he was wrestling in college. Within a year of graduation, he had sold over a million dollars of his own products and services from his basement. Over that past 10 years, he has built a following of over a million…

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Matt Miller

190: Matt Miller: Vending Secrets To Passive Income

By Cashflow Ninja / August 23, 2017 /

My guest in this episode is Matt Miller. Matt spent the first nine years of his career as an Air Force pilot, before entering the corporate world to work at both Abbott Laboratories and Valassis. While a top performer for both companies, his long-term desire was to start a business and be his own boss. A…

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Linda Zander

187: Linda Zander: How To Achieve Maximum Success In Minimum Time

By Cashflow Ninja / August 16, 2017 /

Linda Zander is a serial entrepreneur, self-made multimillionaire, Forbes Coaches Council Member, Certified Science of Success Instructor, Best Selling Author and success expert.  She is a natural visionary and intuitive who delivers a next-generation definition/model of success necessary for attaining sustainable success amid today’s global challenges.  She has a proven track record of delivering success…

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