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Vinney Chopra

222: Vinney Chopra: How To Build A Multi-Million Dollar MultiFamily Portfolio From Scratch

By Cashflow Ninja / November 6, 2017 /

My guest in this episode is Vinney Chopra. Vinney came to the US from India with $7 in his pocket and sold encyclopedias and Bibles door-to-door as a student before graduating from George Washington University and becoming a mechanical engineer. As a multifamily syndication expert he has facilitated over 26 successful syndication deals and has…

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Patrick Donohoe

212: Patrick Donohoe: Why The Pension System Could Take Down The U.S. Economy

By Cashflow Ninja / October 13, 2017 /

My guest in this episode is Patrick Donohoe. Patrick is the President and CEO and started Paradigm Life in 2007 after learning from his mentor Kim Butler about financial strategies outside of Wall Street. With a background in economics and marketing, Patrick immediately realized the opportunity to teach investors, business owners, professionals and families on…

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Chris Rawley

184: Chris Rawley: Democratizing Agricultural Investments Through CrowdFunding

By Cashflow Ninja / August 9, 2017 /

In 2016 Chris Rawley, while visiting a farm investment in Central America, conceived the idea of building a crowdfunding platform to streamline agriculture investment. He soon founded Harvest Returns to bring that vision to reality. Rawley has held corporate management roles in Jones Lang LaSalle, Electronic Data Systems, L-3 Communications, and served as a defense…

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