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015: Amber Vilhauer: Establish a Powerful Online Presence to Make a Difference in Your Industry

By Cashflow Ninja / May 30, 2016 /

Amber Vilhauer is an online business development expert who supports authors, speakers and coaches to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry. Since starting her multi-six-figure company NGNG Enterprises (standing for No Guts No Glory) in 2007, she has spent her career impacting her community and building…

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014: M.C. Laubscher: Wisdom Wednesday! Understanding Parkinson’s Law

By Cashflow Ninja / May 25, 2016 /

In today’s episode, I discuss Parkinson’s Law. Norcote Parkinson wrote a book called Parkinson’s Law where he isolates some limitations of us all and particularly focuses in on the behavior of individuals within a group. In Parkinson’s Law he writes, “Work expands to meet the time envelope allowed.” Meaning if we have 5 days to complete…

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013: J. Massey: Cashflow Diary, Creating Cashflow and Building Wealth in Any Economy

By Cashflow Ninja / May 23, 2016 /

J. Massey wasn’t always the Real Estate Investor he is today. The road to success was paved with challenges that J. had to overcome. He literally went from having zero, squatting in bank-owned property to owning more than 300 units of property across several states. Today, J. is an investor, published author, speaker, educator, podcast…

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012: M.C. Laubscher: Wisdom Wednesday! 5 Factors to Consider Before Investing in Anything

By Cashflow Ninja / May 18, 2016 /

In today’s episode, I try to answer a listener’s question of what factors to consider before we invest in something. If we take control back of our own money and take personal responsibility and accountability for our own wealth, what factors should we consider before investing in anything? This is extremely important. The first thing…

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011: Dom Wells: How To Make Money Online with Niche Websites and Affiliate Marketing

By Cashflow Ninja / May 16, 2016 /

Dom Wells is the owner and founder of Human Proof Designs, a service that creates done-for-you niche websites for those who want to get started with affiliate marketing. On the blog, you can read tutorials and case studies about his own experiences with affiliate marketing. Dom has been making money online since late 2012, and…

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009: Bob Burg: The Go-Giver 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success

By Cashflow Ninja / May 9, 2016 /

My guest today is Bob Burg. Bob is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences on topics at the core of the Go-Giver books. A former television personality and top-producing salesperson, Bob has shared the platform with some of today’s top business leaders, broadcast personalities, coaches, athletes, and political leaders, including a former U.S. president.…

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007: Kevin Clayson: Flipping the Gratitude Switch with America’s Chief Officer of Awesome

By Cashflow Ninja / May 2, 2016 /

Kevin Clayson is an international professional speaker who has shared his simple formula for unlimited joy and fulfillment with everyone from elementary school students to business leaders. Kevin is one of the Founders and Owners of Strongbrook, a multi-million dollar real estate investment company that he and his partners officially founded in early 2007, Kevin…

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005: Frank Rolfe: Investing in Mobile Home Parks

By Cashflow Ninja / April 25, 2016 /

My guest today is Frank Rolfe, Frank has been a commercial real estate investor for over 30 years, having owned and operated billboards, mobile home parks, RV parks, self-storage, apartments, retail, duplex, office, and commercial properties during that time. But he is best known for two achievements. His first big success was in the billboard…

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004: Minesh Bhindi: How to Invest Like A Billionaire: Principles, Philosophy and Strategies of the Rich

By Cashflow Ninja / March 25, 2016 /

Access to Advanced Gold and Silver Investing Webinar, 3 Steps to Cash-flow Gold and Silver Name: Email: My guest today is Minesh Bhindi, the CEO of Gold and Silver For Life. Minesh started negotiating and selling real estate at 16 years old. Together, with his Father, they pioneered a unique no money down real estate…

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003: Michael Snyder: A Warning About the Coming Economic Collapse

By Cashflow Ninja / March 25, 2016 /

Our guest today is Michael Snyder, a former attorney who now spends his time researching, writing, speaking and ministering. Michael is best known for The Economic Collapse Blog which receives well over a million page views each month. Michael is a frequent guest on radio on television, and he is the author of three books:…

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