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Election season in the United States has been a bit different this year. Though the official election day has passed, there are still some lingering questions. Regardless, in the grand scheme of things, the election results should not matter. The temptation is to get sucked in—into the drama, the negativity, and the fear surrounding the presidential election. 

These same concerns and emotions happen every four years. You could even say they happen every two years during midterm elections, though on a smaller scale. 

These election cycles, regardless of who is running, are always divisive. Both sides resort to fearmongering, which leads to hysteria. Yet my philosophy remains the same: do not get sucked in. Nothing productive ever emerges from the emotion and fear-driven world that elections create. It simply snowballs into more fear, anger, and frustration. 

Instead, it’s imperative that you focus on the one thing within your complete control: your mindset. When you keep your eyes trained on the future you want for yourself, that future becomes a bit bigger and brighter each day. These small, daily steps change your life more than any external force can. 


Where Your Power Lies

Your thoughts, and your ability to think critically—to produce and create value within the marketplace—are what separate you from the pack. These are the things necessary to your development and growth. And developing your critical thinking skills and unique abilities should be your priority. After all, at the end of the day you’re left with your own thoughts. 

Once this election cycle has officially passed, the next one is going to start immediately. It never truly ends. That means that the possibility exists that you could play the spectator for eternity. Spectators get drawn into the what-if’s and the little details until it becomes a nearly all-consuming act. Instead, be the player—in the game of life and in the game of business. Put yourself back in control and be the one making moves.


What Matters Most

I often say that your number one asset is yourself, and if you have one takeaway, let it be that. Without you, your lifestyle as you know it would not exist. The skills, talents, knowledge, and time you possess are what help you build the life you want. 

You’re in control of how you develop and use these tools, so do it wisely. Invest in yourself so that you can continue to leverage your time and abilities for a better future. The precise future that you envision. That means taking care of your health in every regard: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Invest in your well-being and watch as you create more value and help more people. 

You must break the habit of being a spectator and begin playing the game. Want to know how to break the “spectator” cycle?

  • Limit your consumption of social media and news
  • Prioritize the development of your personal skills
  • Invest in experiences and memories 
  • Identify and work towards goals that matter to you
  • Start and end your day with gratitude
  • Exercise and/or spend time out in nature


The Power of Your Vote

Every single day, you should cast a vote for yourself. Stand in your own corner, and live your life knowing that you are your greatest asset. You cannot control external circumstances—you may vote in the presidential election, and yet you cannot directly control the results. The reactions of the people around you are outside of your control. So, don’t waste your precious time and mental capital worrying and trying to “fix” other people and circumstances. 

In a change of power, things will happen that may not be in your best interest. Laws change and directives are passed. The rules of the game will change. While you cannot control the rules, you can play the game. 

Those who lose are those who cannot adapt, they can only argue and be angry. Those who succeed can look at the new rules and learn to find competitive advantages and form strategies. 

Wake up each day by voting to take control of the things that you can. Vote for a bigger and better future for yourself and your family. Then, play the game to the best of your ability and make it happen. 

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Live your Freedom, Live Your Legacy, On Your Own Terms,


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