The 3 Words That Will Change Your Life


You probably remember the first piece of life-changing advice you received. That’s what makes it life-changing. I believe in paying forward such things, and so I’m going to share with you the three words that changed my life and my business. I don’t say this lightly—I would not be where I am today without this understanding, and I hope these words will mean something for you as well. These three words revolutionized everything for me, I get chills just thinking about them.

Be, Do, Have.

I heard these words for the first time almost two decades ago, but they didn’t really resonate with me then. I didn’t put in the work to understand, because at the time I wasn’t a willing receiver, as one of my light mentors, Nelson Nash, would say. So it just didn’t click. And then a few years later, I found myself taking an online course through someone else I consider a mentor, Mike Dillard. 

He took the same principle, but the way he explained it resonated in a way that it hadn’t before. It was in that profound moment of recognition (re-cognizing) that changed my life. It was a paradigm shift, if you will, that created a domino-effect.  

What Does it Mean?

Right now, this very second, I invite you to write down the words, “Be, do, have.” If you read those words in reverse, you get, “Have, do, be.” And that’s the mindset that most people in this world have. Most of us are operating from the idea that we must have something before we can act—the nicest materials or technology, all the right tools, etc. There are hundreds of things you could buy or collect (and then justify as a need) before you can act. The problem is, this keeps you from acting. 

Let’s pick a goal, like becoming a successful real estate investor. The most typical mindset is to have the money and the connections, the knowledge and networks, and then do what the successful investors do, and then you will be a successful real estate investor. We are conditioned to think this way. I’m guilty of this, it’s exactly how I operated as well. But here’s what happens in that scenario: you end up losing so much time just trying to have, using your resources up on more things, which keeps you from ever doing. It’s a vicious cycle that few make it out of. 

I look back now, and I think, “Man, I wasted all those years. All those years trying to have something, so I could do something, and finally be something.” And so I had this profound realization upon taking Dillard’s course, about how those three little words actually applied to my life. And so I began the shift into, “Be, do, have.”

Making the Shift

The toughest part is conceptualizing how to “be” before you have “done.” But let’s continue to use the example of the successful real estate investor. In order to reach the achievement of being a successful real estate investor, you must be a real estate investor now. Today. Easier said than done. 

So what do you do? You take what you know about successful real estate investors, and you emulate them. And you may be asking, “But how can I be a successful real estate investor if I don’t have any money, or a network, or even a broker?” And what I can say is, we live in an amazing time where technology is at the tip of our fingers. This very day, you could use a phone or computer to look up brokers in your area and start looking at properties today. Because before you buy your first investment property, you’re going to have to wade through a lot of properties you won’t buy. You don’t have to have a dime to start looking and planning—when you begin to look, you start learning how to find a good deal and know that you’ve found it. 

And while you’re calling brokers, you can also be browsing online—Trulia, Redfin, Realtor, and Zillow. These are all great online networks to scope out areas and opportunities. Drive through local neighborhoods and look at properties. Go to open houses. Take advantage of everything available to you for free, just as if you had the money to invest today. You’ll learn and plan, and by the time you are ready for your first investment you’ll be well equipped. 

Another great resource is Meetup. This is a free online platform that helps you find groups and events with like-minded people in your area. Search for real estate groups and networking events. Make yourself known in these spaces, and you’ll meet amazing people that will become a part of your network. You may even find a mentor. So now you’re being successful investor through your actions, which will lead you into the process of doing. Then, having things is well within your grasp, and the cycle can repeat itself. 

Day by Day

The beauty of these three simple words is that you can apply it to anything—entrepreneur, business owner, investor, artist—the list goes on. You can even apply this mindset to areas outside of the financial sphere. If you want to end up a healthier version of you, be a healthy person today, over and over each day until you are there. If you want to have an incredible marriage, be an amazing spouse today. When you tackle these goals today, over and over each day, you are actively being what you want to be, rather than passively hoarding all the tools without taking the effort to use those tools. Be that person right now. 

I could go on and on about this topic, because these words to me are truly life changing. The real shift in mindset is changing from, “I will do this when…” to “I can do this today…” Rather than focusing on your lack, you’re utilizing the tools you have at your disposal this second. Whether it’s an internet connection, a phone, a pencil and paper, a floor to do push-ups on, or a decision to be better than you were yesterday. Success comes from the decision to take action, not hoarding your resources for a later date. The day you begin to take action is the day you actually begin to attract these resources to you naturally. 

I was exposed to these three words early on in my career, but I didn’t truly capitalize on the true power of this mindset until much later. It cost me a couple years on my journey. So, friends, don’t let this cost you on your journey to success. Recognize the power of “be, do, have” and be the person you aspire to be today. And if this hasn’t resonated with you, I encourage you to go to other sources—to Google, or YouTube, or wherever—and search these three words. Maybe you’ll find someone who puts it in a way that resonates better with you, as I found. 

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Live your Freedom, Live Your Legacy, On Your Own Terms,


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