New Financial Educational Podcast Shares the Secrets of the Rich to Create Monthly Income Streams


New financial educational podcast Cashflow Ninja by leading financial educator M.C. Laubscher shares exclusive insights on how to create monthly income streams and manage and protect your own wealth to survive and prosper in modern Information Age.

NEWTOWN, PA (PRWEB) AUGUST 01, 2016 The recession-hit global economy has greatly threatened the financial security of many. The traditional industrial age mindset of accumulating and saving wealth with Wall Street with the hope of heightened assets in the future is failing many. The majority of people and families will continue to fail in the new Information Age unless they educate themselves. The financial educational podcast Cashflow Ninja by M.C. Laubscher provides strategies to create, build, and grow assets that provide monthly income streams to achieve financial security and freedom in the Information Age.

One of the fastest growing podcasts in business and investing, Cashflow Ninja has been featured on the iTunes New and Noteworthy Section in 4 categories: Business, Education, Health and General. The podcast extends on-demand, free financial education to anybody interested in enhancing their financial IQ and desiring to learn the needed steps to create assets today in real estate, commodities, business, and paper or digital assets.

“Yesteryear’s educational systems do not teach the financial literacy we need to succeed in this new economy. The opportunity to learn the needed skill sets to generate our own income as well as manage, grow and safeguard our own wealth is not a part of the curriculum. Our schools and colleges teach us to become employees and work for someone else and hand all of our financial responsibility to Wall Street,” Laubscher shared.

Born in South Africa, Laubscher came to the United States as a rugby player in 2001 and presently coaches at Princeton University. He is passionate about financial education, entrepreneurship and investing which led him to launch his own wealth management and advisory company, Valhalla Wealth Financial, which helps individuals, families, small business owners, investors and entrepreneurs to build wealth outside of Wall Street. He recently launched the Cashflow Ninja podcast.

One of Laubscher’s favorite quotes is from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It states “A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books.” As a lifelong learner, Laubscher chose the podcast format to personally interview his heroes and people he respects and admires. His listeners learn alongside him from these successful and established guests.“The podcast format makes learning fun,” added Laubscher.

According to Laubscher, adapting and reacting at a high speed is crucial in the Information Age. This keeps people on the competitive edge in today’s new economy. The conventional educational model is unable to meet these essential necessities.

“People who have saved money in qualified retirement plans and handed it to Wall Street for 30+ years with the hope of ending up with enough money to retire, have failed terribly. The only people I have encountered with financial security, freedom, and the dream retirement they were promised are those who built their wealth outside of it and invested in assets which offer them monthly income streams, irrespective of the status of the market and economy. I came up with the Cashflow Ninja podcast to inspire and empower people to create their own income by educating them with strategies to manage, grow and protect their own wealth in this new economy. The podcast is focused on the principles of self-ownership, self-reliance, personal sovereignty, accountability, independence, personal freedom and lifelong learning”, Laubscher explained.

Cashflow Ninja features seasoned investors, entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, financial educators and experts as guests who share their journey and knowledge on creating assets and generating monthly income streams hence providing knowledge and value to its many listeners.

“I have studied and followed what billionaires have done to amass their own wealth and manage and protect it so that it can safely be handed down to their future generations for over a decade. There is a blueprint for success in every area of our lives including creating, growing and protecting wealth. The Cashflow Ninja’s guests share the secrets of this blueprint.”

You can subscribe to the Cashflow Ninja with M.C.Laubscher on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Soundcloud, Google Play, Spreaker, Podbean and Tunein Radio.

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