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Let’s talk about one of the most powerful concepts I’ve learned on my journey as a Cashflow Ninja: skill stacking. Once you understand the concept, it’s a game changer for your business and your life. This is a way to level-up your progress as you develop your number one asset: yourself. 

The most common question I hear from those looking to invest and upgrade their lives, is where they should invest. They’re looking for that magic solution, when in reality, the answer is far simpler. Invest that money in yourself, first. Learn skills that will help you better solve problems that exist in the world. As you navigate a developing business, your innovation, creativity, and skills are what will make you stand out and consistently attract business to you. 

Even if you’re trying to break into the investment game, you can get into it without any money…if you have a skill that provides value to the folks with the money. Partnering with investors has never been easier if you have skills to bring to the table. You are a person of value: never doubt that, and let that conviction fuel you into developing that value. 

On this spinning bowl of dust that we all inhabit, nothing provides greater value than our own selves. After all, without the person behind the asset, the asset means nothing. All the value that is created on this earth came first from a person. 


The Power of Skill Stacking

Now that we’re agreed on the value that you bring to the table, let’s talk about developing that value. The first step is to determine a skill to acquire—anything you desire, though I recommend something that you’re passionate about. Then your task is to master that skill, and continually hone it—you must always keep this skill sharp, because the market will change, and so must you. And once you’re in the practice of honing that skill, it’s time to stack another skill on top. This is what will make you lethal in the marketplace. 

See, your first skill is what launches you into the marketplace, where you can solve specific problems and begin to make money. The value of your self-investment will flow back to you naturally. And once you’ve reached a level of sustainability, it’s time to stack that next skill. 

Here’s an example: you’re a real estate investor, a master flipper. You have a knowledgeable eye for finding undervalued properties that you can fix up, and then either sell or rent out. Your results are good and reproduceable. Once you’re at that point, stack another skill on top, like marketing. If you learn the skills it takes to market yourself, you go from profitable to invincible. You’ll be able to find private lenders, tenants, and more through this new skill, which allows you to scale up. 

It’s the same with any other skills. Say you’re a teacher, and that’s your unique ability. The greatest thing about being a good teacher is that there are infinite topics to teach about. And if you have a small pool of students, your next skill could be marketing as well. Suddenly, you’ll be able to find all kinds of people that you could teach to, who are looking for the knowledge you possess. And then you just keep stacking those skills, becoming increasingly more valuable in the marketplace. The sky is the absolute limit. 


Creating Even More Power

If you thought that skill stacking was powerful enough, there’s something with exponential returns—partnering with other skill stackers. When you’re all in your areas of mastery, and stacking your skills for more growth, your value and your reach become even wider. 

Consider someone whose unique ability is scaling other businesses. As a teacher, you could bring your additional marketing skills and go global—expanding your reach farther than if you were alone. The options are infinite, and you have the opportunity to truly innovate. Even skills others may not consider “relevant” can have surprising effects on your own abilities. 

I encourage you to follow and master the things that you’re passionate about, constantly honing your blade, and finding new, complimentary skills. It’s an investment with the potential of limitless returns. And finding other skill-stackers to partner with will make your impact that much bigger. 


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M.C. Laubscher is a husband, dad, podcaster & Cashflow Specialist. He helps business owners and investors create, recover, warehouse & multiply cashflow. You can learn more about exclusive cash flow strategies in M.C.’s new video series at


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