5 Reasons to Treat Every Day Like Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving has come and gone, yet that doesn’t mean we have to give up gratitude. Here in the US, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. That’s because it is an entire day dedicated to gratitude and giving thought to what’s most important to you. It is truly a meaningful and powerful day. 

While most other holidays have been hijacked by commercial interests, I find Thanksgiving refreshing. There are no gifts to be exchanged; there’s simply appreciation for what you have. That’s why I believe Thanksgiving is a mindset we should carry throughout the year, not just on one day. 


A Habit of Gratitude

One of the greatest practices I’ve cultivated in my own life is a habit of gratitude. Setting aside a specific time to think about what matters most to me has made a tremendous impact on my mindset. The many people I know who have adopted this as a daily habit have also found their lives enriched. 

So, here are 5 reasons why you should treat every day like Thanksgiving. 


1. What You Focus on Expands

When you start your day with the things that you are grateful for, you set your mind up for success. That ounce of focus allows that idea to expand and become even better. 

So, if you start your day by being grateful for your health, your family, or your business, your mind is going to focus on the positive aspects of those ideas throughout the day. You are literally training your mind to see those amazing aspects of your life expand into something greater. 

You’ll nurture greater habits and relationships because you’ve put them at the forefront of your mind. 


2. You Become Centered on What’s Important

2020 has been a very hard year. Gratitude helps you recenter your thoughts on all the things that have gone right. Gratitude pulls you out of the chaos. 

When you start your day by opening it to the chaos—like your Twitter feed, or your email inbox—you start your day off on the wrong foot. You spend the rest of the day bogged down.

My recommendation is to start your day quietly. Because when you reflect on what you’re grateful for, you set yourself up for a day centered on that positivity. 

In this way, your gratitude can snowball. You are not just grateful for your health, you’re grateful that you have the ability to work out and prepare nourishing foods, which helps you get healthier every day. 


3. You Attract More Good

It’s similar to the idea of expansion. With number one, recognizing the good in your life allows you to experience that same good more fully. To take it a step further, gratitude can also attract new “good” into your life. 

When you’re enthusiastically grateful for what’s in your life, you begin to attract good in ways you might never expect. Waking up with a grateful heart will lead to joy and an optimistic outlook, which in turn attracts that same energy. It is as simple as the Law of Attraction. 


4. It Provides Clarity

As I’ve mentioned, gratitude helps you to recognize what’s important, and that provides clarity. You’ll quickly prioritize more of what’s important and allow that which is not to take a lesser role in your life. 

This leads to more joy and abundance because you are working and living in the plane of your highest importance and meaning. This kind of lifestyle fuels you.


5. You Recognize More Opportunities

Gratitude opens doors. That is because gratitude is like having an honest conversation with yourself, recognizing good habits and behaviors, and then reinforcing those behaviors. For example, instilling good behaviors around fitness and health. That recognition and gratitude feeds the soul, and often creates new opportunities to be expressed. 

In the same way, gratitude creates opportunities to grow relationships. Without the proper nurturing, a relationship can become strained. Choosing to recognize what is important to you about those relationships helps you to find new opportunities to nurture them. 

Or being grateful for the opportunity to serve and provide value may allow you to see and receive more business opportunities. 


You Choose Your Mindset

Think about the year that we have lived so far. A lot of folks have been caught up in the negativity—the news is negative, social media is often negative, and the people who consume it can be negative. We are being bombarded with this negativity and divisiveness 24/7, in the palm of our hands. And it is demoralizing. 

It’s up to you to turn that around. That’s why I believe we should start everyday with Thanksgiving, so you can acknowledge all of the great things happening in your life. You’ll be more centered on what’s important, attract more good, and have greater clarity. Then, opportunities will start popping up all over the place. It’s almost as if they seek those who are receptive; at the very least, opportunities are only visible to those who are receptive. 

On this spinning ball of dirt we call Earth, the opportunities that we have to build an amazing life have never been more abundant. Technology only levels the playing field. What truly separates those who “win” and those who do not are the ones who can see opportunity in the chaos. And gratitude is the key.

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