144: Kira Golden: How To Increase Your Cash Flow Creatively



Kira Golden has a wealth of experience from the world of investing in real estate, equities, venture funding, and much more. By the time she was able to vote, she had already had holdings in real estate and the stock market. Less than a decade later, she was able to leave her position as a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones and live off her investment income. At present, she owns investment properties around the world, including Washington State, Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Puerto Rico, and France.

As a Magna Cum Laude graduate of The George Washington University with both a baccalaureate degree in sociology and political science and Masters in Public Administration, she combines her “real world” investing experience with a solid academic foundation from one of the top universities.

The most valuable thing Kira has received from investing is financial freedom. She is able to work as much or as little as she would like while spending time as a homemaker and mother.

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