Wealth Creation with The Cashflow Ninja

Wealth Creation with The Cashflow Ninja

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I had a blast with Jake and Gino on the Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast. Here are the show notes from the podcast:

In this episode, we interview The Cashflow Ninja, MC Laubscher! M.C. challenges existing societal belief systems and misinformation around concepts such as money, saving, investing, wealth and retirement. He has shared these ideas as a guest on several podcasts and is a regular contributor to SteemitMedium.com, and Biggerpockets.

Live a Life of Passion and Purpose on YOUR Terms,

M.C. Laubscher

M.C. Laubscher is the President and Chief Wealth Strategist of Valhalla Wealth Financial and host of the popular business, investing and financial podcast, the Cashflow Ninja podcast.

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