Your Three Best Investments

Your Three Best Investments

After launching my wealth management firm and podcast, I occasionally get asked, “What is the best investment?”

My listeners know that I believe it is not the investment, but the investor that determines the success of any opportunity.

Investment vehicles like real estate, businesses, commodities (gold, silver, etc.), paper (stocks, bonds, etc.), and digital assets are only vehicles investors utilize to achieve their goals and objectives.

The #1 investment you can ever make (and should), is an investment in lifelong education. You and only you will determine your financial success.

Investing in yourself and your financial education is something that needs to be done every day. Just as you exercise every day, you need to exercise your brain with new ideas and concepts. Set yourself weekly goals for reading, listening to podcasts, online courses and videos, participating in seminars and studying successful individuals that you consider mentors and who you wish to emulate.

I recently watched the Tony Robbins’ documentary, I am not Your Guru, on Netflix where filmmakers captured exciting moments at one of Tony’s courses, Date With Destiny.

Tony looked at the interviewer after a question they had asked him and said, “I built this machine! This did not happen overnight. I built this and I keep improving it every day!”  Tony invested in himself and his personal growth.  This allowed him to create his empire that empowers people every day and continues to enrich his life.

The # 1 investment you will ever make is an investment in yourself and your mindset.  Educating yourself, learning new skills sets and improving those that you already have will only beneficial. You will never increase your income if you cannot increase the value you provide for others.

If you are unhappy where you currently are financially in life, start to improve your human life value and the value you give to the world.  You will be amazed how the universe responds.

You can boost your value to the world today by taking control of your life, seeking financial education, and creating value for others. In your giving, this abundant universe will return the value to you twofold.

The second best investment I made and continue to make is creating and building a wealth capture system based on the Infinite Banking Concept©. This allows me to capture my wealth and leverage it to create more assets and capitalize on more investments that generate income streams.

This wealth capture system is the financial foundation that allows me to become wealthier every day with certainty and predictability regardless of what happens in the markets and economy. It also gives me control over my wealth plan and allows me to be positioned as economically efficient as possible to reduce the wealth destroyers of inflation, taxes, fees, and interest paid to third parties.

It also protects the quality of life for your family and ensures that if anything should happen to me that my assets would be covered and my family would have an even better quality of life and living standard than what we currently have. The wealth capture system protects my human life value to the world and provides certainty and security for my family.

The third best investment you can make is creating and investing in cash flow businesses and investments. After you have invested in yourself and your financial education and continue to do so, it will position you to utilize asset classes like real estate, businesses, commodities (gold and silver), paper (stocks and bonds) and digital assets to create more income streams.

These assets and investments have to produce cash flow. Multiple income streams will be the only security you will have in the new economy and it is important to have monthly income streams from businesses and investment across asset classes.

The top 3 investments I recommend are: lifelong education, a wealth capture system that makes you wealthier every day, and cash flow from your businesses and investments.  These are the best investments to make.  They will help you to enhance your value to the world and enable you to provide maximum value to global marketplace.

Live a life of purpose and passion on YOUR terms,

M.C. Laubscher

M.C. Laubscher is the founder and chief wealth strategist of Valhalla Wealth Financial and host of the popular business, investing and financial podcast, the Cashflow Ninja podcast. (

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