Amber Vilhauer, Online Business Expert

“I thoroughly enjoyed my interview experience with MC! I have been featured on many podcasts, but MC's stands out as one of the most enjoyable and fun experiences I've had. It was obvious he spent a lot of time carefully reviewing my platform and formulating the very best questions he could to maximize the effectiveness of our conversation. His passion and depth of care are evident and I'm honored to be a part of a show that is impacting so many people on a global level. Highly recommend!”

– Amber Vilhauer, Owner of NGNG Enterprises


Minesh Bhindi, Entrepreneur & Investor

“That was a great interview and I really, really enjoyed it. It was one of the best interviews I have EVER done simply because of your research and the questions that you had.”

-Minesh Bhindi, CEO, Gold and Silver For Life


Gena Lofton, Entrepreneur, Investor and Author

“I really enjoyed the podcast interview with M.C.  He was respectful, considerate and did his homework prior to our interview.  The podcast was exceptional and I expect his listeners will derive value in at least one or more of the lessons which I shared with M.C. on achieving financial freedom with passive income streams.”

-Gena Lofton, Passive Income Advisors

Tom Corley 300x300

Tom Corley, Best – Selling Author

“I've done hundreds of podcast interviews and the CashFlow Ninja podcast was one of my favorites. MC Laubscher, the host, really knows how to peel the onion and get the most out of his guests. I recommend subscribing to the CashFlow Ninja podcast. You will learn so much.”

– Tom Corley, Best-Selling Author Rich Habits, Rich Kids and Change Your Habits Change Your Life


Kathy Fettke, Real Estate Investor

“MC asks all the right questions about what it really takes to make money in real estate. This is no-fluff, real-world content, which is rare to find in this industry, and exactly why we created the Real Wealth Network! It was an honor to be a guest on Cash Flow Ninja. He's the real deal.”

– Kathy Fettke, Co-CEO of Real Wealth Network and host of the Real Wealth Show


Raj Bhaskar, Entrepreneur

“In addition to being really passionate, MC is a true professional.  He's such an engaging host.  It's no surprise that he's quickly rising up the charts!”

– Raj Bhaskar, Co-founder and CEO of Hurdlr

Kim Butler, Financial Advisor

” M.C. pulled things out of my past and career that made me look at them in a much more thoughtful way. M.C. is a very deep person with knowledge in so many layers and dimensions”.

– Kim Butler, Financial Advisor and Founder, Partners 4 Prosperity


Jeff Berwick, Entrepreneur

“The Cash Flow Ninja is martial arts training for the financial mind and a favorite program of mine.”

-Jeff Berwick, CEO of TDV Media & Services, Editor-In-Chief of the The Dollar Vigilante, and host of the popular videocast Anarchast


Holly McKhann, Real Estate Investor

“The Cashflow Ninja Show was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed my conversation with M.C. and he asked insightful questions to maximize the value of the interview for his listeners. He truly has a passion to provide value and serve others and I look forward to following the Cashflow Ninja and its continued success and growth!”

-Holly McKhann, Real Estate Investor, Co-Founder of House Flip Masters


Joe Fairless, Real Estate Investor

“Being a guest on Cashflow Ninja with MC was a refreshing and engaging experience. His knowledge, preparedness, and professionalism is top notch. His genuine passion to bring the best experience to his listeners does not go unnoticed.”

-Joe Fairless, Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur and host of the Best Ever Real Estate Advice Podcast

Sharon Vornholt, Real Estate Investor

“MC is a great host as well as an engaging interviewer. He’s such a pro that doing this show was not only a lot of fun, but it was just an easy conversation between two investors. Being a podcaster myself, it was a pleasure working with someone that is so knowledgeable and passionate about investing.

There is a reason Cashflow Ninja is a top-rated podcast, and I am honored to be a guest on a show that has that has the potential to impact so many people in a positive way.”

-Sharon Vornholt, Founder of the Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog and Let’s Talk Real Estate Podcast


Naresh Vissa, Digital Media Expert

“M.C. is a knowledgeable and curious interviewer. His show is top-notch. It was a privilege to be featured, but it's an even greater privilege to listen to all his episodes and the wealth of knowledge they carry.”

-Naresh Vissa is Founder and CEO of Krish Media & Marketing

Jason Burack, Investor and Financial Educator

“I was interviewed by MC Laubscher in November 2016. Prior to him contacting me, and our interview, I had never heard of him or the Cash Flow Ninja podcast. I enjoyed the interview he did with me and I started listening to some of his interviews on his podcast after that. He gets on a nice, quality mix of entrepreneurs and investors and gets them to open up about some of their successes and failures to provide his audience of listeners with value on his rapidly growing Cash Flow Ninja podcast.

I enjoyed the interview so much that I decided to have MC on my Wall St for Main St podcast recently, and I hope in the future he will come back on my own podcast as a frequent returning guest.

When I have free time, I plan on listening to more episodes of MC's show and I am happy to call him a new friend who I just happened to meet online because of his show. “

-Jason Burack, co-owner of Wall St. For Main Street


Dom Wells, Affiliate Marketing

“I’ve done a few different podcast interviews and what I liked about M.C.'s was how well prepared we both were. Not only did I have a list of questions to prepare for, but he had clearly done his homework and asked very insightful questions. I was able to come across as an expert very easily, and the value we delivered to his audience was great and came naturally.”

-Dom Wells, Founder and Owner of Human Proof Designs 


Sid Bharat, Online Courses

“MC is a fantastic host with an infectious personality. I love how engaging he is and how he directs the conversation. He clearly does his homework and knows exactly what to ask. Getting interviewed on his podcast was the easiest, yet most satisfying, experience I've had.”

-Sid Bharath, Vice President of Growth Thinkific


Garrett Sutton, Rich Dad Advisor

“M.C. Laubscher is an engaging interviewer. It was great fun to be on his podcast.”

-Garrett Sutton, Best-Selling Author, Rich Dad Advisor, Founder and Owner of Sutton Law Center and Corporate Direct

Thor Conklin, Entrepreneur

“Great time being interviewed by M.C.  A true professional.

It’s never about the amount of money that you make.  It all comes down to how you invest it and your success in creating assets that create cash.  M.C. will show you how.”

-Thor Conklin, Entrepreneur and Host of the Peak Performers Podcast

BobBurgHR 300x300

Bob Burg, Best-Selling Author

“Truly enjoyed being a guest on M.C.’s podcast. He is knowledgeable, prepared, and you can easily sense that is number one goal is to bring value to his listeners. Great guy and great host!”

-Bob Burg, Best-Selling Author and Co-Author of The Go-Giver

Marco Santarelli, Real Estate Investor

“It was a real pleasure being a guest on your show.  M.C. is very professional and a great host.  Thank you!”

– Marco Santarelli, Founder of Norada Real Estate Investments

Keith Weinhold, investor

“The Cash Flow Ninja podcast is a well-produced show with top-notch guests and great content. As a fellow podcaster, I should know! If you're interested in financial betterment, you need to listen to this show.”

-Keith Weinhold, Founder, and Show Host, Get Rich Education


Michael Snyder, writer & speaker

“I truly enjoyed being interviewed by M.C.  He has a passion for helping people, and he is determined to get the best information possible out to those that follow his work.  I hope that more people will tune in, because the things that he is sharing are vital for all of us to understand.”

-Michael Snyder, Editor and Publisher of the  Economic Collapse Blog and Co-Host of The Watch


Luke Thiem and Mike Harriet

“I've represented my company and product, Re:Mind Recover, in about every communication method imaginable.  Being a part of this podcast was especially unique as MC dove deep into the root of the problem we address and even inspired my business partner and I to continue the entrepreneurial grind!  It was a pleasure to have been interviewed by MC, a guy who just gets it! – Luke Thiem, Co-Founder, Re:Mind Recover

“It was great to be a part of MC's show and to connect with a fellow entrepreneur who is driven and passionate about what he does.” – Mike Harriett, , Co-Founder, Re:Mind Recover


Aaron Anastasi, Entrepreneur

I loved getting to talk with M.C. on Cashflow Ninja. He is not only very knowledgeable but also very engaging and genuine. Such a pleasure. Thank you M.C. !

Aaron Anastasi, Superior Singing Method and Author of The Voice of Your Dreams.


Jeanne Kelly, Credit Expert and Coach

“M.C. is not only an experienced and great interviewer but also an inspiring person. Ambitious and excellent with financial knowledge. He denotes an easiness to build interpersonal relations with others.”

Jeanne Kelly, credit expert and coach


Jozsef Kiss, Outsourcing Specialist

“M.C. is truly a genuinely nice guy. His professionalism is beyond words and I mean that. Before we recorded the shows he had done his research about me and already knew details about my business. That’s something no one has done beforehand when being interviewed for a show. A+ my friend.”

Jozsef Kiss, Founder Somebody2Hire


Nick Loper, Entrepreneur

“M.C. is a great interviewer and clearly puts his audience first. He came to the table having done his homework more than most hosts I see and we had a great conversation. Hopefully, the listeners found some value in it as well!”

-Nick Loper, Founder, SideHustleNation.com


Dean Walsh, Decentralized Technologies Expert

“It was an honor to be invited on the show and I enjoyed it immensely. I was a little nervous beforehand, but M.C. guided me through everything, was easy to talk to, and made some really interesting observations.” 

Dean Walsh, Founder, and Editor of Cryptorials

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