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239: Roger Ver: Why Bitcoin Cash Will Surpass Bitcoin Core

Roger Ver is one of the most known Bitcoin angel investors and evangelists. Learning about Bitcoin in 2011, he started investing in it at a price of about $1. Ver has made seed investments in many early Bitcoin startups, such as Blockchain.info and BitPay.com, which are now some of the most successful companies in their respective niches. Roger Ver is also famous for constantly working to promote Bitcoin and educate people about it.…


The Truth About Bitcoin

Here is what I love about Bitcoin, other crypto and data-driven currencies. It has finally forced people to think about the concept of money and what money really is.

People would get in their cars every day and commute an hour to work, sit in an office and or cubicle for 8-10 hours and commute another hour back home, working for money but they have no idea what money is!…