What You Need To Survive The Coming Chaos

What You Need To Survive The Coming Chaos

We are living in extremely interesting times, Often, I think to myself that I will reflect back on this period later in life and think, “wow that was a crazy and exciting time!”

Never before have we had so many high profile individuals and billionaires come out publicly warning of a crisis unlike any we have ever experienced. A few of these soothsayers who have warned the public are: George Soros, Jim Rogers, Carl Ichan, Stanley Drunkenmeiler, Peter Thiel, Sam Zell, Warren Buffet, Bill Gross, Jacob Rothschild, Crispin Odey, Nasim Taleb, Ray Dalio, Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin, Japanese Prime Minister Abe, presidential hopeful Donald Trump and recently billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer.

We have also had warnings from banking, financial and global institutions like The Royal Bank of Scotland, Citi Bank, The Bank of International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund.

Marc Faber, Harry Dent, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Doug Casey, Jeff Berwick and several others of the real media have been warning of this looming crisis for a quite some time.

Governments, states, provinces, municipalities, cities, towns, social programs and public and private pension systems are insolvent.

Central banks are insolvent. The banking and financial system is dangerously overleveraged. The largest economy in the world cannot even raise interest rates by 25 basis points without threatening to bring the markets down.

We are in for a wild ride and here is what you need to not only survive the coming crisis, but prosper.


Mobility of movement and capital is extremely important. The biggest threat to people in the past have been market risk. Most risk management strategies focused on the opposite; how to limit and reduce exposure and the impact of markets.

The coming crisis will have economic, market and social consequences. Most governments are bankrupt and extremely indebted. Government social programs are insolvent. Government, state and municipal pensions are underfunded. Banking and financial systems are extremely overleveraged and ready to come apart at the seams. Your own government will become your biggest threat.

Your government will come for your money via qualified retirement funds in many different ways. They will raise personal taxes, school taxes, property taxes, and etcetera until tax payers cannot pay anymore. They are the boa constrictor and they you are the small mouse in the corner; they will try to squeeze every possible cent out of you until you cease to exist (monetarily).

I have challenged my podcast audience to really think about buying a house and primary residence in the country that they currently live in because this will limit their mobility and expose them to the property tax trap.

If your property and wealth is not stolen through taxes, it could be seized through asset forfeiture. You may think I am kidding, however consider the following. More than $2.5 billion dollars in property and cash has been confiscated in 60,000 civil asset forfeiture seizures on the Federal Level over the past 15 years in the United States. Approximately 80 percent of the affected individuals were never charged with a federal crime.

You need to be able to move (literally) around in the new economy to where opportunities are and to places that will welcome producers and creators with open arms.

If you have money in Qualified Retirement Plans like 401K’s, 403b’s and IRA’s, you need to ask yourself some really serious questions with the most important being: Is having your money exposed to financial and governmental predators the best thing for you and your family’s future?

The system is unsustainable as is. All of the insiders have warned that banks will hold the money bag of those that have their money in qualified retirement plans when the markets crash. That is guaranteed with the legislation already in place in Europe and the United States. (http://blogs.reuters.com/hugo-dixon/2016/01/04/eu-enters-brave-new-world-of-bank-bail-ins/,http://www.kitco.com/commentaries/2015-06-22/If-You-Have-Money-in-a-US-Bank-Account-Be-Aware.html)

In the last month, we have also seen that modern-day bank robbers are openly stealing from the banking institutions and their clients from inside the bank. (http://money.cnn.com/2016/09/08/investing/wells-fargo-created-phony-accounts-bank-fees/)

Your capital will be exposed to enormous political risks. The producers and creators will also be exposed to social risks where they live.

With over half of the population in the united States dependent on government programs and welfare and similar or worse statistics in other countries around the world, your neighbor might become your greatest threat when the government can no longer fund these programs and have to cut funding for these programs.

If you think I am trying to fear monger, please look at this clip where a food stamp method of payment is declined in a supermarket in the United States and also declined at McDonalds.


You and your loved ones will be in physical danger when the musical chairs game of social programs stops or even slows down.

You must have strategies in place to address social, economic, market and political risks.

To protect yourself and ensure the safety of your family and loved ones, you need to determine your needs for home safety and have a plan to get out of the area where you currently live.

Obtaining a second passport and establish a safe place to go outside of your home country is an essential preparation for when the chaos starts.

It is extremely critical to diversify your assets and capital internationally and strategically to protect it from governmental predators that will change the laws of their country very quickly to come after your wealth.

As a subscriber and community member of Jeff Berwick’s The Dollar Vigilante, you can gain access to resources to help you establish a second passport and diversify your capital politically.


Adaptability is one of the most crucial skills we need in the Information Age and especially in the new economy. Things are continuously changing rapidly and will continue to change. The more you embrace the continuous change and adapt, the better you will position yourself to make the coming years the most exciting and successful of your life.

We all need to be constantly unlearn outdated skills and relearn new skills that will create value for others. We must commit to being lifelong learners and study and learn every day.


Wayne Gretzky was one of the best ice hockey players of all time and he attributed his success not to being where the puck was, but going to where the puck was going.

To increase your survivability and guarantee your chance of success and continued success, we have to be able to identify, track and capitalize on trends. This is a skillset that can be developed daily as in other crafts and skill. Gerald Celente, the world’s foremost trend forecaster from the Trends Journal, shared how anyone can learn how to identify, track and capitalize on Trends on my podcast.


No one can survive on an island alone; one must build a community of like-minded people. This will be the greatest asset you can build. Surround yourself with people that are awake and see and understanding what is happening.

In your life there are people that are not awake despite the fact that things are developing right in front of their eyes. This may seem cruel, but these are the people that you should probably cut ties with and stay away from because they will become liabilities in the future.

Instead of spending your time warning friends and family that listen to the mainstream media and chase Pokémon, spend that energy and time networking with people that are awake and make new friends.

Build relationships with like-minded people and share the information you discover. Develop strategies with your trusted community members on how to prepare and prosper in the coming years.

Producers and creators have created powerful networks and a community that will be thriving before, during and after the chaos. It is indeed their greatest asset.

This is the same group that built a world that will exceed your greatest expectations when the dust settles. One such network is the TDV groups of The Dollar Vigilante and it is available to members all over the world.

The next several months and years will be one of the most exciting times to have ever lived. There will be endless opportunities for those that prepare and position themselves to have mobility, adaptability, anticipation and community.

Live a life of passion and purpose on YOUR terms,

M.C. Laubscher

M.C. Laubscher is the founder and chief wealth strategist of Valhalla Wealth Financial and host of the popular business, investing and financial podcast, The Cashflow Ninja. (http://cashflowninja.com/)

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