424: Ken Lewis: The Future Of Precious Metals Investing

My guest in this episode is Ken Lewis. Ken is a results-oriented professional with more than 25 years of leadership experience across a broad range of retail and technology organizations, many of which are in the Fortune 500. He is currently serving as Chief Executive Officer at APMEX, the largest precious metals retailer in North America, where his strategic and operational changes have resulted in growing both the top and bottom lines of the organization.…


423: Garrett J. White: How To Master The Art And Science Of Having It All

My guest in this episode is Garrett J. White. Garrett is the founder of the Wake Up Warrior Movement, Author of the Best Selling Book WARRIOR BOOK, Creator of Warrior Week, and Host of the top-rated podcasts Warrior On Fire, Warrior Wealth, and Date Your Wife.

What started as a desire to set himself free from the bondage of his own failing life after the banking crisis of 2008, soon transformed into the launch of a Global Movement in Late 2012.…


422: Ellie Perlman: How To Boost Multi Family​ Investment Returns

My guest in this episode is Ellie Perlman. Ellie is a real estate investor who owns over 2,000 units across the US worth over $250MM. Ellie is the Founder and CEO of Blue Lake Capital, a real estate investing firm specializing in multifamily investments. At Blue Lake Capital, Ellie helps investors grow their wealth and get double-digit returns by investing alongside her in large multifamily deals they usually don't have access to.…


421: Michael Becker: Advanced Strategies For Multi-Family In ANY Market & Economy

My guest in this episode is Michael Becker. Michael is a Principal at SPI Advisory LLC and heads SPI’s Dallas, Texas office where he oversees all aspects of property operations, including asset management, property management oversight, accounting and taxation, capital improvement and renovation projects and investor relations. Michael is a lifelong resident of North Texas and a graduate of The University of North Texas with a BBA in Finance.…


420: Scott Krone: How to Buy Distressed Real Estate Assets In A Non-Distressed Market

My guest in this episode is Scott Krone. Scott is a Chicago native whose career in architecture began in 1991 by pursuing his Masters of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology. While obtaining his degree, he also worked as a Project Manager for Optima, Inc. During his time at Optima, Krone’s responsibilities included such notable projects as the 400 unit Cormandel in Deerfield, IL, the 40 unit HedgeRow in Winnetka, IL, and the 51 unit Optima Center Wilmette in Wilmette, IL.…


419: Ramón Gonzalez: How Success In Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Wealth Creation Requires A Different Mindset & Skillset

My guest in this episode is Ramon Gonzalez. Ramon is a successful entrepreneur, business owner and real estate investor.

Ramon is the president of Summit Home Buyers and also a facilitator of the Miami Millionaire Mastermind.

If you are interested in joining our investor's group, you can go to cashflowninja.com/investorsgroup and fill out an application form or e-mail me at info@cashflowninja.com to start the discussion to see if you are a good fit for our group.…


418: Alina Trigub: The Power Of Passive Investing

My guest in this episode is my friend, Alina Trigub. Alina is the founder and the Managing Partner of SAMO Financial. It’s a boutique private equity firm specializing in helping a select group of people with various wealth preservation and tax strategies. Alina welcomes warm introductions of accredited investors that are looking (1) for help to preserve their wealth, (2) to find ways to save on taxes, and (3) make an additional passive income stream.…


417: Spencer Shaw: The New Business Card In 2019

My guest in this episode is Spencer Shaw. Spencer is the founder of PodKick.com, a podcast production and distribution company that is responsible for millions of annual downloads. They’ve been featured in Forbes, MSN and other publications.

He has owned several businesses in the software, real estate, and internet industries.

Spencer is the host of the Business Growth podcast and is the co-host of The Prosperity podcast.…


416: Dave Zook: How An Abundant Resource Creates Cleaner Energy & Golden Returns

My guest in this episode is Dave Zook. Dave is a successful business owner and experienced real estate investor active in the Multi-Family Apartment space, Self-storage and Resort community development with real estate holdings in several states and several countries.

Dave and his investors own well in excess of $150 Million worth of real estate acquired since 2010 and he has more than 3000 Multi-Family Apartments in his portfolio in some of the hottest job markets in Texas and Memphis TN.…


415: Yonah Weiss: How To Increase Your Real Estate Cashflow Through Cost Segregatio​​​n & Bonus Depreciation

My guest in this episode is Yonah Weiss. As the Business Director for Madison SPECS, LLC, Yonah will provide you with expert, engineering-based cost segregation studies. 

Cost Segregation is an Internal Revenue Service-approved process for reclassifying real estate components and improvements to accelerate depreciation deductions, defer taxes and improve cash flow. 

Madison Specs in-house team of accountants and engineers combine tax and engineering strategies to analyze construction contracts and building plans in order to identify those assets that qualify for accelerated depreciation for tax purposes. 

The benefits of the significant tax deductions from Cost Segregation include:

Maximize annual depreciation 

Reduce upfront income tax costs 

Lower cost of capital 

Improve cash flow 

Improve shareholder value.…

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