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194: Brad Gibb: The Art & Science of Achieving Financial Freedom in 10 Years or Less


My guest in this episode is Brad Gibb from Atlas Wealth Solutions. Brad graduated from one of the top five accounting and landed a job with Goldman Sachs, but he left after four months when he saw Lehman Brothers collapse and watched people leave the building their possessions in a cardboard box; that was the day he realized there was no such thing as a “secure” job.…


000: M.C Laubscher: Welcome to Our Podcast! Introducing the Cashflow Ninja Podcast


We Launched! Whoohoo!

It’s here! The premiere episode of the Cashflow Ninja Podcast!

In this episode I will introduce you to our podcast, go over the formalities of our show, share what you can expect from future podcasts, and I spend a little bit of time introducing myself and the purpose of Cashflow Ninja.

Each week, 2 shows will be added.  …