What Is An Accredited Investor?

If you’re engaged in the financial sphere in any capacity, you’ve likely heard the term “Accredited Investor.” It’s often thrown around in investment circles, and many opportunities are available only to Accredited Investors.

But what is an Accredited Investor anyway, and how do you become one?

It’s not quite as complicated as you’d think. To earn Accredited Investor status in the United States, one must fulfill one or more of the following:

·     Net Worth of at least $1 million, excluding one’s primary residence

·     An annual income of $200,000 ($300,000 total if married) for the past two years, with the expectation to make the same amount this year

The term itself is defined in rule 501 of Regulation D of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.…


The 3 Words That Will Change Your Life

You probably remember the first piece of life-changing advice you received. That’s what makes it life-changing. I believe in paying forward such things, and so I’m going to share with you the three words that changed my life and my business. I don’t say this lightly—I would not be where I am today without this understanding, and I hope these words will mean something for you as well.


How to Use Your Assets to Acquire More Assets

I want to teach you how to double the impact of a single asset. Because for every asset you own, there is potential to acquire an additional cashflow producing asset. The key to this strategy is collateralization.

Understanding Collateralization

According to Investopedia, collateralization occurs when a borrower pledges an asset as recourse to a lender in the event that the borrower defaults on the original loan.…


Fundamental vs Technical Analysis

When you’re presented with a new opportunity or investment, there are typically two different approaches you can take: a fundamental analysis of the situation, or a technical one. In a previous article we discussed the different types of risk, and now, I’ll teach you how you can analyze those risks in terms of your investments.

What is Fundamental Analysis?

In terms of risk management, a fundamental approach means looking at the “fundamentals” of a particular country, economy, market, business, etc.…


Rethinking Risk: What it Means and How to Manage

Risk—to some the word is invigorating, and to others terrifying. But do you understand all the risks that accompany a business? Understanding risk boils down to what type of risk you’re facing. In this industry, I’ve identified four kinds of risk. So we’re going to peel back the layers and see what risk is really about. 

Political Risk

On the surface you may think that business and politics are inherently separate, but political risk should always be considered in your decision making.


The Four Levels of Financial Success

How do you measure financial success? Is there such a thing, when each person’s financial landscape can be so unique? As it turns out, there is a way to measure financial success, and we’re handing you the “scorecard.” Below are the four levels of financial success, and what they mean in the scope of your own world. The following will give you a framework with which to measure your own financial climate for success, and a vision to aim for. 


The Business Of Multiplying Capital

Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or some combination, you’re in the business of multiplying capital. Once you recognize this, actually multiplying your capital becomes clearer. I’ve identified four basic pillars that all entrepreneurs should follow as they grow their own empire. 

In the most basic sense, you multiply capital through leveraging your unique abilities and resources to multiply what you have.


How to Unlock One Of The Most Powerful Investment Strategies

Asset cycles. If you’re not incorporating asset cycles into your investment strategy, you should be. By understanding the cycles that your investments will undergo, you can not only position your investments to take part in tremendous growth, but you can avoid (or whether) great losses to your investments. This is a powerful, powerful type of investing that some of the top players are involved in.…


The 4 Biggest Wealth Destroyers

When you’re building your wealth, it’s easy to look at only one side of the coin. You want to grow, grow, grow, but you might not be considering all of the things that eat away at that growth. In order to build and protect your wealth, you must know the associated risks. Only then can you optimize your cash flows.

Here are four of the top wealth destroyers that exist, and how to leverage them to your advantage with a little financial judo.…


The Truth About Debt

Debt is often not a concept that the world rejoices over. It is, however, and essential element of the money game and therefore essential to understand. Debt, like taxes, can be leveraged to win in this money game. But like any game, you have to know the rules in order to play.

Debt is a tool (like money, which you can read about in a previous post).…

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