194: Brad Gibb: The Art & Science of Achieving Financial Freedom in 10 Years or Less

194: Brad Gibb: The Art & Science of Achieving Financial Freedom in 10 Years or Less


My guest in this episode is Brad Gibb from Atlas Wealth Solutions. Brad graduated from one of the top five accounting and landed a job with Goldman Sachs, but he left after four months when he saw Lehman Brothers collapse and watched people leave the building their possessions in a cardboard box; that was the day he realized there was no such thing as a “secure” job.

After starting a consulting firm with his brother, he still felt something was off: He didn’t have the freedom he was looking for. He owned his company but didn’t own his time.

He realized his path to financial independence would not be the one his college education had directed him toward. It would not be the path mainstream financial planners taught.

He decided to take control of my financial future.

As he was discovering what his path to financial independence would look like, he was also teaching and coaching individuals and business owners about money and investing.

Every day, he saw intelligent, successful people struggle with finding a way to the same independence he had been searching for. He realized that the solution would never be found in the latest Wall Street-created financial product.

People need a plan, a personalized plan, outlining the steps it would take to reach their goal to be free.

His path crossed with his business partner Ryan and They began building a system. They aggregated advice from the best sources, compared it with the experience of their mentors, and then put it into practice for themselves.

They realized they could fill the void of personalized financial advice these professionals and business owners were seeking.

Financial independence is not a large bank account, brokerage account, or retirement account with 7 figures in it. In fact, it has nothing to do with your net worth.

Brad shares that financial independence is all about cash flow. It’s about having complete freedom of time allowing you to wake up every day and pursue your dream, to work on what drives and motivates you, all without money being the prime motivation. It allows you to spend time with the people you want, where you want when you want.

Freedom comes when your passive cash flow is greater than your living expenses. You are free to spend your time with the people you want, where you want when you want.

Brad beleives that financial independence is available for anyone who is willing to think differently and apply themselves.

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Atlas Wealth Solutions

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