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344: Hunter Thompson: How To Perform Due Diligence On Commercial Real Estate

My guest in this episode is Hunter Thompson. Hunter is a full-time real estate investor and founder of Cash Flow Connections. Since starting CFC, Hunter has helped investors allocate capital to over 100 properties which have a combined asset value of more than $350,000,000. His experience includes investments in self-storage facilities, residential mortgage notes, mobile home parks, single-family acquisitions, hard money loans, office buildings, and multi- family real estate syndications.


343: Seth Williams: Land Investing Cashflow

My guest in this episode is Seth Williams. Seth is an experienced land investor and residential income property owner, with nearly a decade of experience in the commercial banking industry.

He is the Founder of – a real estate investing blog that offers real-world guidance for part-time real estate investors.

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342: Erna Basson: How To Start & Scale A Global Business Fast

Erna Basson is an award-winning entrepreneur, world-class business coach & international keynote speaker.  She is well known for starting, growing & selling companies fast and her passion is to help people become entrepreneurs so that they too can achieve and live their dream.

She is the Founder & CEO of Erabella Beauty , the fastest growing hair extensions brand in the world. 


341: Ace Chapman: The Micro Private Equity Strategy

My guest in this episode is Ace Chapman. A college dropout, Ace bought his first business at 19 with some savings from a summer job and caught the business buying bug. Over the last 16 years he has bought 40 businesses. Everything ranging from a Mortgage Company to a Clothing Retailer.

Right now he is seeing an explosion in the market for businesses under $2,000,000.


340: Chris Rood: Wholesale and Wholetailing Cashflow

My guest in this episode is Chris Rood. Chris is from Lafayette, Louisiana, a father of five and has been together with his wife for 18 years. He is real estate investor, real estate wholesale coach, serial entrepreneur, and investor. He owns over $11 million dollars worth of Realestate, along with 7 other companies. Chris will show you how to make an extra stream of incoming using his top methods in the wholesaling industry.


339: Michelle Weinstein: How To Pitch Your Way To Success

My guest in todays episode is Michelle Weinstein. Michelle is a Sales Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Innovator. She has over 20 years of sales experience, selling everything from multi-million dollar homes to Paleo meatballs. Her achievements include raising over $1M dollars for her last company, landing contracts with major retailers such as Costco and The Vitamin Shoppe, and pitching her way onto ABC's Shark Tank.


338: Perry Marshall: 80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More

My guest in todays episode is Perry Marshall. Perry Marshall is one of the most influential people in marketing.

Perry is endorsed in FORBES and INC Magazine, and is one of the most expensive business consultants in the world. Clients seek his ability to integrate technology, sales, art and psychology.

He founded the the $5 million Evolution 2.0 Prize, with judges from Harvard, Oxford and MIT.


337: Brad Chandler: Helping You Find Freedom Through Real Estate Wholesaling & Investing

Brad Chandler has successfully flipped over
2,100 houses since 2003. He is currently the CEO
of Express Homebuyers – a real estate investing empire that does more than 200 deals per year without his assistance. Brad wrote How to Wholesale Real Estate for Profits Without Bank Loans to help others achieve their real estate investing dreams.

He became passionate about real estate investing in 9th grade when he read a book about how to buy a home with no money down.


336: Craig Cecilio: Empowering the Average Joe to Invest Like the 1%

My guest in this episode is CEO and Founder of DiversyFund, Craig Cecilio. His mission is to disrupt traditional alternative asset investing and empower the average investor by giving them the same wealth building opportunities available to the 1%. Craig's visionary approach to democratizing alternative asset investing combines the power of crowdfunding with cutting-edge technology through DiversyFund's online platform.

As CEO, Craig oversees the daily development and strategic execution of DiversyFund.


335: Ivan Barratt: How To Manage Multi-Family Investing Risk Through Financing

My guest in this episode is Ivan Barratt. Ivan is a multifamily owner, manager and syndicator who specializes in Agency and FHA financed projects. Since 2014, Ivan has raised over 24 million in equity, acquired over 1,800 units and grown Barratt Asset Management (BAM) to a best in class management firm. Today Ivan Barratt focuses most of his time on equity finance, acquisitions, firm strategy and human capital.

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