538: Erik Cabral: How To Broadcast Your Message & Brand Through Podcasting!

538: Erik Cabral: How To Broadcast Your Message & Brand Through Podcasting!

My guest in this episode is Erik Cabral. Erik is the founder of the creative agency, On Air Brands; the real estate investment company, Mindado Investment Group; host, co-host, and producer on several shows: Entrepreneur’s Circle, Capital Hacking, LIVE at the Hive!, Real Estate Hackers, SJREIA LIVE, and many more in progress. With multiple businesses and partnerships, Erik is the quintessential “serial entrepreneur” who spends much of his time helping others grow their businesses, brands, and personal brands.

After leaving corporate America after 20+ years, Erik jumped head first into real estate investing. He spent roughly a year educating himself, forming relationships, and analyzing hundreds of deals before he purchased his first multi-family apartment building. He is also a partner in Renault Winery & Resort, which is a (the 3rd oldest winery in the US) and offers private capital to his network of investors for fix and flips, wholesale deals, and various other investment strategies.

On December 6th, the second PodMax will be held at the Onairbrands Studio at the Hive in Trenton, New Jersey.

If you have a business and brand, this is a great opportunity to get your message and your brand out to a very large audience!

Being a guest interviewee at PodMax will allow you to be a guest on multiple top-rated business podcasts like Cashflow Ninja, DeRosa Group YouTube channel, Real Estate InvestHer, and a ton more!

Get a chance to meet & greet with keynote speaker Jason Feifer – Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine.

Network and connect with their favorite podcast hosts and meet new entrepreneurs.

Reach over 30k podcast listeners and social media fans!

Enjoy a fully catered breakfast and lunch.

aaaannnnddd….Participate in the PodMAX after party!

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, please apply at


When you use the promo code: CASHFLOW30 when applying, you will get 30% off!!

BTW – I also moved my December Meetup in Newtown, which is about 25 minutes away from the Onairbrand Studio to December 5th, the night before Podmax, so if you are coming in as a guest interviewee, you can stay up in my area and join an evening you will remember networking with an awesome group of investors the night before.

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