503: Josh & Melanie McCallen: Opportunities In Opportunity Zone Projects

503: Josh & Melanie McCallen: Opportunities In Opportunity Zone Projects

My guests in this episode is a power couple, Josh and Melanie McCallen.

This is their second appearance on the show, they shared, The Art & Science of Resort Rehab Cashflow in Episode 455.

Josh is a nationally recognized hospitality executive, conference speaker, innovator, builder & investor with a track record for development of exceptional resort properties and growing world-class operational teams.

Melanie is the President of Accountable Equity and also a partner in both Vivamée Hospitality and Accountable Equity, where she manages various designers and architects, as well as serves investors directly.

There has been a lot of talk about Opportunity Zones and Opportunity Funds and a lot of it is theory and just opinions. Josh and Melanie actually have done an Opportunity Zone Project and have been through the whole process and paid a lot in legal fees to figure this all out since they actually were doing a project, not just potentially looking into it.

As you know, I try to bring on guests that do what they talk about so I am super excited to have them back on to share their Opportunity Zone Project & Fund story, since there is a lot to learn and unpack.

Josh and Melanie also have graciously agreed to host a webinar with yours truly to share even more information and deep dive into certain aspects of Opportunity Zones for listeners that are interested. The webinar is titled, “How To Become An Opportunity Zone Ninja and you can access that webinar at cashflowninja.com/opportunityfund.

I have launched another podcast, Cashflow Investing Secrets, it is a shorter show, 10 minutes or less where I share one concept at a time what I have learned from interviewing over 500 Cashflow Ninjas. You can go to Itunes and other podcast platforms and all video platforms and search Cashflow Investing Secrets and you will find the show!

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