473: Nelson Nash: Unlocking The Infinite Banking Concept

473: Nelson Nash: Unlocking The Infinite Banking Concept

On March 27th, this year R. Nelson Nash passed away, he was 88 years old.

He was a friend and a mentor and I will dedicate a show in the future to the lessons I learned from him and some great Nelson Nash stories. What Nelson left was an example of a man living his purpose and legacy. By doing so he will touch and impact the lives of generations to come. Children and grandchildren's lives will be changed because mom and dad or grandfather and grandmother found Nelson Nash and his message.

I first met Nelson about five years ago at an event in Michigan and I remember his first remark to me, “Son you do not sound like you are from these United States. Where are you from?”

It led to many conversations, the last we had was a week before his passing. On today's episode, I will share one of the many conversations, it was my first interview with Nelson Nash on the show in 2016. As with previously published episodes, I think you will find great value from this discussion whether you are an old and or new listener.

For new listeners or those not familiar with Nelson Nash, Nelson is the discoverer and developer of The Infinite Banking Concept™ and the author of Becoming Your Own Banker. If I speak of the three books that had the biggest influence on my journey, I refer to the purple, black and yellow books. Becoming Your Own Banker is the black book.

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